‘Survey of Pleasure’ results released from Wicked Sensual Care

The personal lubricant company Wicked Sensual Care has released the results from their informal Survey of Pleasure. The survey reveals interesting statistics about the participants’ sexual preferences, masturbation habits, kinks, and more.
Over 200 participants in this survey ranged from 18-71+ years in age, and included trans, polyamorous, and asexual representation. The results of this survey provides intriguing insights into the needs of participants, such as:
  • 35% of respondents said their sex life has “room for improvement”
  • 21% of respondents masturbate daily
  • 19% of respondents are into foot play
“We’re so impressed to see the robust and diverse participation in Wicked Sensual Care’s Survey of Pleasure,”  said Resident Sex Educator jessica drake, “It gives us insight into people’s pleasure-based needs, personal sexual preferences, masturbation habits, kinks, and more, which will help us create an even better consumer experience.”
See the full results of the survey here.