New designs for Guilty Pleasure boxes

In the run up to the release of new Datex and Printed Datex styles, Tonga designed new packaging. The existing Guilty Pleasure products are getting new boxes as well. Packaging will be replaced as soon as new stock comes in, which may be on different moments for several styles.

The first Guilty Pleasure product to be shipped out in a new box is the strapped bodysuit with O-rings, which is product no 710036BLK. This body suit has open cups and an open crotch, concealing little, and showing lots of skin. 

New Guilty Pleasure styles, which are numbered 710103 and up, will be available soon, and will include black Datex & Mesh garments and Printed Datex garments in black, red and yellow, being dresses, teddies and thigh highs with suspender belts. A new category in Guilty Pleasure fetish wear is in the pipeline as well, and will be released soon.

Datex garments are popular with those who like the look of latex but not the stickiness of it, and who prefer an outfit that is easier to put on. No sweat, no talcum powder, just shiny stylish outfits that are comfortable to wear. Apart from the Guilty Pleasure brand section in the webshop at, there is a brand website too, at