Pipedream Products fortifies international presence with new European team

Pipedream Products has fortified its international presence with the addition of a strategic European team comprised of three key members: Annika Scherer, Florian Wittich, and Lieske Fieblinger. As part of the company’s global expansion plans, this team was assembled to reinforce Pipedream’s commitment to making its award-winning products even more available worldwide and gives customers direct access to top-tier service.

Annika Scherer joins Pipedream as its General Manager of Europe. She describes herself as ‘customer obsessed’ and is responsible for all day-to-day operations in the new German-based headquarters, which includes overseeing accounts and sales, strategic analysis, and planning for the European market. She also works closely with the U.S. Senior Leadership Team on all of Pipedream’s goals and initiatives.

As Senior Sales and Business Development Manager for the EU, Florian Wittich takes care of Pipedream clients based in Scandinavia, Benelux, the UK, and Russia. He enjoys chiming in on strategic decisions solving problems in ways that benefit all involved, and though the pandemic is keeping him off the road for now, Wittich looks forward to going on the road and talking with Pipedream partners in person.

Lieske Fieblinger is Pipedream’s Marketing and Project Manager for Europe and supports Annika and Florian while working closely with the company’s in-house marketing and graphic team. With a passion for creativity, design, planning, and implementation, Fieblinger enjoys creating the marketing infrastructure and strategy to amplify the Pipedream brand in Europe. 

“We have an excellent team behind our European expansion, and I could not have asked for better people to manage these essential roles,” Pipedream Products CEO Matthew Matsudaira said. “Annika, Florian, and Lieske are doing an excellent job fortifying our brand presence overseas and we’re so proud of what they bring to the table. We are excited for the next step in Pipedream’s strategic international development and appreciate our loyal customers’ support and trust in the process. The Pipedream team and I look forward to offering the industry an even higher level of service.”

Customers can reach the EU team via email at europe@pipedreamproducts.com and by connecting with Annika, Florian, and Lieske on LinkedIn.