pjur sees itself well prepared for corona crisis

Due to the current corona crisis pjur has published a statement. In this statement, the company announces that it will continue to be contactable for its customers and will also keep production up and running. The lubricant manufacturer does not expect any delivery problems for its products. Below is the statement in full:

The Covid-19 pandemic affects us all and it is unclear how the current situation will develop. Nevertheless, we want to bundle our efforts and look to the future with optimism. We can only do this if we work together!

Customer service: We are available
We are still here for you! We have created a flexible system that enables us to maintain normal business operations in a decentralised structure with our usual opening hours. Collaboration with our customers is our top priority.

Made in Germany: High Quality products
All pjur products are manufactured in Germany. The special circumstances will not affect the stringent standards that we apply to our premium intimate products. From our current standpoint, we will be able to avoid shortages thanks to our carefully planned production processes, high inventory levels of raw materials and two different production sites.

Sufficient products: No shortage expected
Despite increasing restrictions on cross-border traffic in Europe, pjur is able to continue delivering products. In collaboration with our international logistics partner, we adapted our process workflows and expanded our inventory levels early on in preparation for the current situation. Together, we can ensure that pjur products will continue to be shipped as usual.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can get through this challenging situation as effectively as possible. Last but not least, we express our sympathies to anyone who is affected by illness and wish you a speedy recovery.