Scala Playhouse customers win Fun Toys Lottery

wo of Scala Playhouse’s customers have become the lucky winners of the special Fun Toys lottery. Congratulations to Saint Sual and Novum on your win and have fun spending that 1000 euro Fun Toys voucher!
The details were simple: all retailers who purchased 699 euros of Fun Toys products in the month of March received a free G-stand display and one ticket for the big lottery. Fun Toys drew three lucky winners from the pile, with each winner receiving a voucher for a 1000 euros worth of Fun Toys products. Both winners were delighted with the prize and can’t wait to stock up on the amazing Fun Toys designs that will surely be a big hit with their consumers.
If you missed out on the special Fun Toys Lottery, you’re still in with a chance to win big by shopping at Scala Playhouse thanks to Fleshlight. The brand is giving Scala Playhouse customers the chance to win big in a very special prize-competition. The details are simple: buy as many Fleshlight products as possible and score yourself some amazing rewards. The competition commences on the 1st of July and will run until the 6th of September; meaning the ‘Welcome to the Future’ Scala Fair will be your last chance to up your sales numbers. Contact your Scala Playhouse sales team for more information about this amazing promotion.