Sexual Health and Wellness Sanitizer, UVee, changes product direction

UVee, Powered by Puritize, the award winning sanitizer for adult toys, is changing direction. “Economic conditions have created challenges for many small companies, and we are no exception,” said Carrie Martz, founder of Clean Light Laboratories, the company behind the development of the popular sanitizers. “We have come to a deciding moment in our future of either expanding our product offerings, based on our extensive patents and innovation, or offering a licensing opportunity to a company already established in manufacturing with a multitude of distribution channels,” continues Martz. “We have chosen to focus on finding a licensing partner.”  

The company has designed a multitude of products using their patented Advanced Refraction Technology that provides a 360 degree bounce inside the system chamber ensuring that germs are dissipated in all nooks and crannies of complex products. The company knows that this will provide a competitive advantage for a company focused on sexual health and wellness.

UVee was introduced in 2017 as the world’s first and only scientifically proven locking, charging and sanitization system. Featured in consumer media, UVee was labeled as the ‘must have” for adult toys and more.’ 

The pandemic brought on new challenges for the world and Clean Light Labs reacted quickly by testing its product and was one of the first systems proven to kill 99.9% of SAR- CoV-2 on all types of products including phones, remotes, brushes, baby bottles, and more. Branded as Puritize, the product became available on Amazon as well as through select specialty retailers. The company will now focus on finding a licensing partner and continuing to defend its extensive patents against infringements.

Consumers love our system,” said Martz, “and we are hopeful we can continue to offer it in a variety of sizes through a partnership. I am so proud of the solution we came to market with,” she continued. “A three in one, simple to use, locked storage system that charges toys and sanitizes at the same time – no one else can make this claim. We were the incubator for this technology and have have many patents to apply for even more innovation.”

The company branded the product as “The World’s Cleanest Orgasm” when coupled with one of the world’s most popular toys.  

Companies interested in exploring opportunities with Clean Light Laboratories should contact Carrie Martz at