Slowgasm: The 2021 Winter Sex Trend

The new SUNDAZE pulse vibe has broken every sales record at FUN FACTORY. Skyrocketing web traffic in Q4 2020 made this German-engineered toy the star of the show for the boutique toy manufacturer in Bremen. The unique types of stimulation that SUNDAZE offers including tapping, pulsation, and, of course, vibration have made it a run-away best-seller since its launch. 

Slow sex and slowgasm are trending all around the world. Taking the slow road to orgasm involves a great degree of sensuality and self-awareness. As an alternative to grabbing a quick orgasm whenever, it also opens the door to especially intense climaxes and even the ability to re-sensitize nerve endings. That’s why SUNDAZE by FUN FACTORY offers different types of stimulation that can be used in sequence or in combination. These different types of stimulation can prolong the phase of arousal. 

“Our customers are trend setters. Self-care, self-love, and taking lots of time for solo pleasure, that’s really big right now,” says Jordis Meise, marketing manager at FUN FACTORY. “The extremely positive sales figures confirm this. Our web traffic has increased by 250% over the last month. Sales of SUNDAZE are outpacing those of the pulsator category by nearly 90% compared to the previous quarter.” 

The winter sex trend slowgasm and SUNDAZE are a perfect match — magazines like Cosmopolitan, desired, and Wunderweib as well as mega-influencers Charlotte Weise and Hannah Witton are talking about it already. The soaring sales at FUN FACTORY are more proof that time spent in lockdown offers the opportunity to play and change up masturbation routines while discovering new facets of one’s own body.