Swiss Navy announces: Your Sales Rep is certified!

Swiss Navy has continually been on the cutting edge of support for their customer-partners. 2021 brought the addition of Rocky Bowell as Brand Ambassador, which has allowed Swiss Navy to visit hundreds of stores and provide more trainings than ever before. Bowell recently expanded his offerings with ‘Rocky’s Top Tips’ via weekly videos aimed at helping share more knowledge with brick and mortar and online retailers.

Early in 2022 Swiss Navy introduced their online B2B Resource Center to help retailers find support, product information, printable sell sheets, downloadable training videos, ads, posters, and much more. This site conveniently provides retailers with up-to-date information.

Now, Swiss Navy has certified their US sales team, those individuals who provided the most in-person retailer and distributor trainings throughout the past year.

“A high-value certification ensures that we maintain a high level of knowledge in those areas that can successfully assist our customer-partners,” said Briana Watkins, M.D. Science’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We felt it was important to have the first wave of our domestic sales representatives certified to show how committed we are to mastering our skills in this field. We hope to have our international and sponsorship team members certified in the future as well.”

The American College of Sexologists International announced earlier this month that four of Swiss Navy’s domestic team had earned their certifications as Certified Sex Educators. Briana Watkins, Cheryl Flangel, Janet Tamborelli, and Rocky Bowell will all now add the post-nominal letters ACS to their names to recognize their achievements.

“We know that our customer-partners are our family,” said Watkins. “We want them to know that we are continually finding ways to help them with their trainings and strive to support their sales efforts. All of us learned quite a lot, despite each of us having decades of experience in this industry. We are all looking forward to sharing our guidance and wisdom.”

The American College of Sexologists International is a non-profit association that provides professional standards and guidelines to the sexology community and is recognized worldwide for its rigorous standards in granting certification for sex educator training. It certifies practitioners and organizations that meet the requirements of a certification training program.

“I’m extremely proud of all the members of our Swiss Navy family for their commitment to our customers and am looking forward to announcing even more valuable resources that we currently have in the works,” said Watkins.