Tonga milestone at Altitude Trade Show in Las Vegas

Tonga recently showcased its latest Dreamtoys collections at the Altitude Trade Show in Las Vegas. In collaboration with their esteemed partner XGEN, the event proved to be an overwhelming success, marking a significant milestone for both companies.

The synergy between Tonga and XGEN was palpable at Altitude, where Tonga had the privilege of presenting its cutting-edge products to the discerning American audience. The XGEN stand at Altitude served as a captivating stage for Tonga to unveil its newest Dreamtoys collections, including Nude, Amour, Glam, and Startroopers.

Tonga’s Melanie De Jonge said: “The response from attendees was nothing short of enthusiastic, with the public expressing particular admiration for the innovative colours, unique packaging styles, and the overall aesthetic appeal of our latest offerings. The Dreamtoys products showcased in Las Vegas captivated audiences with their high-quality construction, alluring designs, and state-of-the-art technology, presented in a sophisticated and classy manner.”

Tonga and XGEN express their utmost satisfaction with this collaboration, a partnership that will soon materialize with the official release of Tonga’s Dreamtoys products in the United States. Serving as the exclusive partner, XGEN will offer Tonga’s products to their retail customers across the country.

XGEN’s Anthony Pingicer: “Having Tonga and Dreamtoys in our booth was a pleasure. I have worked with Marco, Melanie, and her father for almost 30 years, and it was an honor to show their product to the USA market. Buyers were very intrigued and had positive feedback on the range. I am looking forward to doing more business together.”