VRotica Headset

VRotica launches crowdfunding campaign

VRotica has launched a crowdfunding campaign on AdultXFunding. The goal of the campaign is £7,500 and the first 50 pledges made can secure this amazing VR headset for £150 saving over £93. The system currently offers over 200 scenes for the user to choose from. “VRotica is a revolutionary VR headset that hosts only adult content,” its creators describe their headset. “No phones, no computers, just press the ‘ON’ button and immerse yourself in Sensual Reality!”

The VRotica headset weights 420 grams and its ergonomic design means it fits on most head. The screen is a full HD 1920*1080 with adjustable lenses and its 32GB internal storage capacity for over 20 videos ready to view at any time.