Ballistic Metal becomes FRÖHLE distributor in the USA, Canada & Mexico

Ballistic Metal is proud to announce the acquisition of FRÖHLE for distribution in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Products are shipping now through Ballistic Metal’s distribution agreements.

FRÖHLE is the highly regarded German company which offers potency solutions for everyone since 1986. Patented offerings include the original penis pump, and several variations, as well as medical-grade breast pumps, nipple suckers, and vagina pumps. All FRÖHLE products are 100% Made in Germany.

It’s an honor to bring FRÖHLE to new markets,” explains Neal Danielis of Ballistic Metal. “The quality and reputation of this brand is well known and esteemed throughout Europe as each product in the line has been designed to provide intimate solutions to real customers. This philosophy has kept FRÖHLE on the intersection of the medical and sexual health industries since inception, and it’s the spirit we at Ballistic Metal embrace as well.” 

With more discourse about intimacy than ever before, the demand for FRÖHLE products is at an all-time high. Scientific data has shown that approximately 30 million people in the United States struggle with erectile dysfunction. FRÖHLE’s penis pump operates by increasing blood flow to the penis, allowing the user to enjoy a lasting erection for intercourse. At the same time, around forty percent of people with vulvas are afflicted with other forms of sexual dysfunction, such as Female Sexual Arousal Disorder. Vagina pumps can be amazing for those in need, as they engorge the vagina with increased blood flow. This increases sensitivity and arousal, leading to the possibility of satisfying intercourse.