EDC Wholesale stocks new e-stim items from Mystim

Mystim introduced new electrical stimulating items, which are now available at EDC Wholesale. The new E-Stim collection includes vibes, cock cages, rings, and spin wheels.

These vibes are the first and only toys that have both vibration and electrical stimulation at once – and they don’t even need a nerve stimulator kit for it. No cables, no devices. The Electric vibes vibrate, tingle and pulsate all on their own. They carry not one but two vibration motors: one in the tip and one in the shaft, offering 8 different programmes and 5 different intensity levels, these two work together to provoke some ecstasy in a nicely varied array of ways.

The E-Stim vibes are made of medical-grade platinum silicone. They also come with a built-in long-life lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable via a Mystim magnet charge USB cable which is, of course, included in the delivery. Even if you have both e-stim and vibrations set to their highest levels, a fully charged vibe runs for at least 3 hours before its efficacy starts to fade.

The Pubic Enemy No 1 is Mystim’s neat and transparent cock cage with e-stim function: It lets you keep a boisterous willy pent up under lock and key so that he can’t get stiff until the mistress, or the master, comes with the key and lets him out. With the conducting surfaces, left and right, the prisoner can be treated to your heart’s content with tingles, twitches or pulsations in precisely the intensity he deserves.

The Spiny and extra Spiny Spencer E-stim Spinwheel are often mistaken for a pasta wheel, but that’s not what the Spiny and Extra Spiny Spencer is mainly about. It is a monopolar e-stim toy with small wheels that provide gentle to intense stimulation to all body parts. It impresses with over 20 spikes on the Spiny and 100 spikes spread on 5 wheels on the Extra Spiny – made from steel, so it always hits the right spot. The Spencer’s wheels can be used to provide gentle stimulation or to bring intense pleasure with electrical impulses.