ST Rubber Dr. Love promo

ST Rubber presents Dr. Love

With the Dr. Love Power for Man Delay Spray ST Rubber’s goal is to give its customers more time for love. The dermatologically tested delay spray prohibits premature ejaculation in a special way: just two to four sprays on the tip, just when he notices that an ejaculation is imminent. The serum stays on the sensitive skin like an extra layer and creates a kind of barrier effect on the receptors responsible for sensations.

The fluid contains Menthol, which docks onto the cold and menthol receptor (TRPM8) which produces a cooling effect. ST Rubber also has a toy cleaner foam called Dr. Love Clean in its sortiment. The effective foam does not contain any perfume. It cleans toys reliable while being hygienic at the same time, it is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. A bottle contains 150ml; the product is Made in Germany.