Waterslide: the personal moisturizer with countless reasons to adore

Earthly Body, a family-owned and run company with unwavering values and a deep commitment to doing good, proudly shares its mission as it continues to create high-quality, naturally-derived personal care products. Co-founders Kevin and Mare Wachs founded Earthly Body with a vision to develop products that are not only kind to the environment but also to people and animals.

SHOTS showcases the brand and emphasises that its commitment goes beyond making exceptional products – it also extends to certain values and responsibilities towards the planet. Waterslide, one of Earthly Body’s most outstanding products, is a testament to this commitment.

Why Waterslide?


Waterslide stands out with its commitment to simplicity. The formula boasts just four key ingredients, making it an ideal choice for individuals with sensitivities. Free from unnecessary additives, Waterslide focuses on delivering pure and uncomplicated hydration.


What sets Waterslide apart is its unique carrageenan formula. This distinctive blend ensures long-lasting hydration without the unpleasant greasy feeling. Users can enjoy the benefits of moisturized skin without compromise. This product rejuvenates when it comes into contact with moisture, whether it be a woman’s natural lubrication or saliva.


Earthly Body takes pride in its commitment to the planet. Waterslide is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and manufactured in a solar-powered facility. By choosing Waterslide, consumers not only prioritize their well-being but also contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

SHOTS recommends retailers to Introduce Waterslide to their stores for a range of benefits. Tailored for a growing market seeking natural and sustainable personal care, its unique formulation caters to customers with sensitivities, making it a versatile addition to your product line-up. Waterslide is not just a premium personal moisturizer; it enhances intimate moments. Its unique formulation delivers an enjoyable pleasure experience, providing long-lasting hydration and a silky-smooth glide.