Male Edge & Jes-Extender on EroExpo

Dana Medic Aps, owner of the brands Male Edge & Jes-Extender, manufacturer of penile extension devices, will be joining the EroExpo in Moscow (14th-16th of October), hosted by its main partner in Russia, Kazanova 69, wholesaler, e-tailer and bricks and mortar retailer based in Ekaterinburg. DanaMedic’s Key Account Manager, Paolo Davide Griffo, will join Kazanova69’s team at their booth, meeting in person all their customers to deliver product presentation, answer to all their queries, and explain all the benefits of the penile traction method for permanent penis growth, due to the natural process of tissue growth by cellular division. DanaMedic and Kazanova69 are partners since many years now, and are both looking forward to further strengthening their business relationship, bringing the Male Edge/Jes-Extender penile extension devices on every shelf in Russia and beyond.