WISP launches Seasonal Sensual Self-Care event in London

Following the successful launch of its debut collection, SENS, in February 2019, WISP are launching their first Seasonal Sensual Self-Care event. Taking place in Central London on Tuesday 17th December in collaboration with Lone Design Club, where guests can to get to know WISP a little better, and experience SENS Sensual Jewellery first-hand.

The sensual self-care evening will include practical sensory workshops that incorporate SENS personalised massage and fragrance jewellery. The event will also a include an inspiring talk from a panel of intimacy experts and self-care advocates. Guests will receive £15 off on all WISP items on the evening.

WISP is a brand dedicated to sensual wellbeing, female empowerment and sexual exploration that focuses on the journey of the senses rather than genital stimulation and orgasm. Encouraging relaxation and reconnection in the body that enhances intimacy with ourselves and our partners.