”Our data shows that orgasms can feel more intense and pleasurable after Fiera has been used.“

Travel tickets, products, and vouchers worth 200,000 dollars – how can that not be the big prize? Well, at the Oscars, which were presented at the end of February for the 88th time, you just needed to be nominated for an Academy Award to receive an overflowing gift bag from PR firms. This year, that bag also included a sex toy, which, as a result, got quite a bit of media coverage.


Although … sex toy doesn’t seem to be an adequate description for Fiera. So, what exactly is this product? Well let’s have Karen Long – who is president and CEO of Fiera’s parent company Nuelle – answer that question: “Fiera Arouser for Her is the first ever wearable intimacy enhancer for women, used in advance of a sexual experience, proven to ignite arousal and desire.“ So again, it is not a sex toy in the traditional sense, but rather a product aimed at getting women in the mood for sex.

And to achieve that, Fiera makes use of a novel approach. The product is placed under the labia where it attaches itself to the clitoris, and since it stays in place, the user has both hands free for other things. The product works its magic on the nerve endings in the clitoris thanks to a mixture of suction and multi-focal stimulation, creating an increased feeling of arousal. It is possible to achieve orgasms with Fiera, but that is not the real purpose of the product. “Fiera Arouser for Her is certainly a couples product, as it is used to accelerate physical arousal and interest in having a sexual experience with your partner,“ as Karen Long explains, adding: “We recommend removing Fiera when you feel ready and excited to experience intimacy with your partner – typically after 5-15 minutes – as our data shows that orgasms can feel more intense and pleasurable after Fiera has been used.“


Nuelle, the company that has developed Fiera, set great store by reliable and scientifically validated data throughout all steps of development. For instance, they commissioned several studies to prove the effectiveness of the product, using the results to further optimise their invention. “It was developed with the highest quality in technological innovation and it is a truly revolutionary, one-of-a-kind product in the sexual health and wellness industry.“

As stated on the company’s website, the target audience for Fiera is women who are in a relationship but don’t feel as much sexual desire following childbirth or their climacteric period. Givens its status as a relationship helper, Fiera’s price of 250 euro is definitely justified, as Karen explains. “Fiera helps women ‘look forward to’ sexual intimacy while promoting both individual vitality and strong, healthy relationships – there is no putting a price tag on a positive relationship!“ At the moment, Fiera is available via the company’s website, but only for customers in the United States.