“All doll owners wish their dolls were lighter in weight!”

Cloud Climax add dolls brand SeeDree to their range

Leight-weight dolls are becoming more and more popular because of the obvious advantages they have over regular dolls – which can be as heavy as 50 kilogrammes. To meet this increasing demand for lighter dolls, Cloud Climax are now introducing the SeeDree brand to the European market. Sam White, Marketing Manager at Cloud Enterprises Ltd. has all the details for us.

Your range of dolls is growing and growing. What criteria do you go by when looking for new products for your assortment?

Sam White: At Cloud Climax, we know what our customers and we ourselves are looking for when it comes to assessing new brands and products to join our portfolio. We know our customers really well, and we know what they uphold as being really good qualities in a new product.

What impressed you about the SeeDree brand? How do the brand and its products fit into your assortment? 

Sam White: SeeDree is a reasonably well-known brand in China. We decided to partner with them and their products into the UK and Europe as they did not have any experience with overseas markets and collaborating with Cloud Climax brings our experience in these markets to the table for them.

The SeeDree brand offers Light Weight Dolls and on top of that, one style of doll is collapsible, with removable limbs for storage, similar to the discontinued EX Lite doll by DS Dolls. Many people want to hide their doll away at certain times and likewise, they want to be able to move their doll around with ease. This is 100% possible with this range.

Why do Chinese manufacturers have such a leading position in this market? Where does this dominance come from?

Sam White: There are very, very few doll manufacturers outside of China, whereas the majority are in China. This was initially due to the market for dolls within Asia being so large. Japan and China have the largest sex doll markets in the world, and so it is obvious that the manufacturers are going to be based there for logistical reasons. It also coincides with material costs being far cheaper and the expertise of workforce being readily available.

SeeDree dolls are so-called light weight dolls. What material are they made of? And what are the advantages of this material? 

Sam White: The SeeDree dolls range from 9kg to 23kg. Normally, a sex doll weights about half the weight of a human of the same size, so dolls at the lower end of the scale have always been at least 32kg, some as high as 50kg.

SeeDree use a combination of silicone and memory foam to manufacture their dolls. The 9kg doll with removable limbs, in the style of a ball joint doll is a memory foam doll. It is an ambient temperature doll, unlike TPE which can be quite cold. The dolls also have a nice movement range too.

Does the lighter weight also mean that the dolls are easier to store? 

Sam White: Having a doll that is lighter means that it is definitely easier to store. It is easier to put her in a wardrobe, take her into the loft, move her to a different room, take her up the stairs. Normally, moving a doll around your house is precision work. The removable limb doll comes with a carry case for storage.

Each of these dolls is offered in three different versions. Which versions are available?

Sam White: The SeeDree dolls that we have available are three versions. The 9kg version is a memory foam-bodied doll with a silicone head and removable limbs. The 18kg version is a memory foam body with a layer of silicone for skin touch realism and a silicone head. The 23kg version is a silicone body and silicone headed doll. All doll bodies have the choice of the two current heads, Linda or Grainne.

What is the price range of the SeeDree Dolls? 

Sam White: Currently, the prices start at £1299 and go to £2499 for the top of the range silicone doll.

What can you tell us about the target group that buys light weight dolls? 

Sam White: All doll owners wish their dolls were lighter in weight! We find that older customers prefer lighter weight dolls, and also those with health problems such as back or joint pains. Our lightweight dolls, like TeddyBabes, are some of our most popular dolls so it is great to add another lightweight range to our portfolio.

SeeDree Dolls are already very successful in China. What expectations do you have bringing these dolls to Europe? 

Sam White: We really hope to follow the level of success that we have experienced with the EX Lite and TeddyBabes.