Team of ErtupaJoyz

”ErtupaJoyz offers a diverse range of quality products to sate every guest’s desires.“

Sinnesreise – journey of the senses. That’s what the homeparties are called that ErtupaJoyz is hosting in Germany. The company from Saxony was started one year ago by Marco Schubert, and their goal is to be more than just another homeparty company. In our interview, the head of ErtupaJoyz explains what makes their sales parties so special for the guests, and how the company wants to ensure continued growth in the future.


Hello, Marco! You are the founder of ErtupaJoyz, a German homeparty company. What reasons compelled you to become active in this segment?
Marco Schubert: Thanks for asking. My basic thought was, how can I create an experience for people that is individual and covers all their wishes to make sure they leave with a smile on their faces. I am actually a trained cook, and I have gained a lot of experience working in restaurants and also at events. A few years ago, I worked for a well-known company from the adult market on an independent basis, and that’s how I got to know and love this wonderful industry.

Marco Schubert, head of ErtupaJoyz
Marco Schubert, head of ErtupaJoyz

So, being in such close contact with the adult market, I felt there was a career opportunity there, and I started looking at the products in my spare time. I know a lot of people who are interested in sex toys, so there was always someone willing to test a new product I’d discovered. However, it still took years of weighing the pros and cons before I finally decided that yes, I really wanted to get into the adult market. People were becoming more interested in these products, trends were getting bigger, so there was a great foundation for my company.

And that’s how, in 2015, I started ErtupaJoyz, a company that combines two of my strong points: experience in event management and a love for things erotic.

Today, there are several companies hosting homeparties for adult products in Germany. How is ErtupaJoyz different from the competition?
I get that question a lot. ErtupaJoyz offers a diverse range of quality products to sate every guest’s desires. The selection of products is actually rearranged according to customer demand on a regular basis. Also, we are not just about showing and selling toys; the event management aspect I mentioned earlier also plays an important role.

We are taking the guests on a journey of the senses within their very homes. There is also catering, we set the place up for a perfect evening, we stimulate all the senses. What you see, what you hear, what you smell, what you taste and feel. We want every ErtupaJoyz party to be an unforgettable event.

Each sensual journey is customised to meet the guests’ wishes, ideas, and preferences. Everything we offer can be combined in any way the customers like so the event ends up being exactly what they wanted.

Why was this the right time to start a homeparty company?
You mean, why now? Good question. I just have to look at the people around me to see that the perception of adult products is changing and that they are becoming increasingly acceptable. What’s more, the market itself has changed for the better, and it keeps getting more professional and more serious. The range of available products is diverse and there is something for anybody, be they young or old, single or in a relationship.

And since our events are all about personal contact, we can help the consumers much more effectively to make sure they find the right product that meets their needs.

”Each sensual journey is customised to meet the customers’ wishes, ideas, and preferences.“

Where is ErtupaJoyz active? Which regions do you cover?
Currently, we focus on Saxony and the neighbouring Länder. However, we have received lots of enquiries from other parts of Germany and beyond over the course of the past months, and naturally, we want to offer our sensual journeys to as many people as possible. As the number of our customers grows, we are becoming better known, and as we become better known, more customers decide to take a journey of the senses.

Homeparties are a popular channel of distribution. What are the reasons for this success in your opinion?
I think that direct, personal contact with the customer creates a very unique atmosphere. Also, you are basically in your own living room while you experience our journey of the senses. Therefore, the customers are more comfortable, and they are more likely to talk about intimate aspects of their life. They tell us what they want, we tell them which products they should try.

Based on this exchange of information and our in-depth advice, they don’t have to worry when picking a product. Also, we have sample products at the homeparties so they get an impression of what they look and feel like and how they work. And seriously, where else in the adult market do you get the opportunity to pick up and touch any product you are interested in?

Jeff Kohlsche, Marco Schubert, and Stefanie Fischer
The team that makes the sensual journeys happen: Jeff Kohlsche, Marco Schubert, and Stefanie Fischer

The success of a company like ErtupaJoyz hinges on the consultants. Which qualities are necessary to take the customers on a journey of the senses?
Our consultants need to have a positive, friendly personality, they need to be communicative, open, and they need to enjoy personal contact and helping the customers at the events. Moreover, they have be able to work and plan independently because they are the ones who organise the party and interact with the guests. Curiosity and a willingness to learn and keep on learning is very important because this market is changing constantly. You need to be flexible.

It doesn’t matter so much if a consultant is a man or a woman; what’s important is that initial impression the customers have of them. That first impression often determines if they will buy a product or not.

What are the elements that are particularly important at these sensual journeys?
Our sensual journeys are very individual affairs because we always respond to the guests and what they want. They are the focal point of each event, because only satisfied customers will buy a product at the end of the evening.

Would you mind describing an average ErtupaJoyz party?
I could give you a detailed rundown of our events, but if I did that, I would give away our secret for a great party. (laughs)

Our consultants arrive at the hosts‘ home about an hour before the homeparty begins. They map out the event and arrange the products for the evening. Once all the guests have arrived and are seated, the presentation begins. Our consultants make sure that the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, and they are open to any questions the guests may have. Also, the guests can pick up the products and test them. Once all the products have been presented, the guests can choose which ones they would like to order.

At that point, each interested guest is invited into a separate room so they can place their order discreetly. Once all orders have been placed and all questions have been answered, our sensual journey ends, hopefully to the satisfaction of everybody involved.

What’s the most important criterion for a successful homeparty? Is it the products, the atmosphere, or does it all depend on the guests?
The success of a homeparty hinges on several criteria:

  • Direct contact
  • The opportunity to touch and scrutinise the products
  • A well-informed, competent, and friendly consultant
  • An atmosphere of safety and comfort in the host’s home
  • Open-minded guests who want to have a good time
  • And a good selection of products

The guests and the host are at the heart of the event because their satisfaction is the ultimate goal. They can ask specific questions, they can touch the products, anything they want. We take away their apprehension which is much easier when they are among friends and feel free to share their opinion. They also talk a lot among themselves, and that is very important as well.

When everybody is relaxed and ready to try something new, when they feel comfortable and communicate their desires openly and honestly – that’s when you know that a homeparty is a success.

Usually, homeparties cater to women. Could you imagine having such an event for men? How would it have to be different from a homeparty for women?
Homeparties are no longer something that is only for women. We definitely see that there are men who like to go on our sensual journeys to find something nice for their significant other. We also enjoy having men at our parties or them even being the hosts because they add their own perspective, and lots of times, it’s the male partner who advises the female partner on which products she might like. I can definitely understand that a man wants to have a say in the products that his partner uses for sexual stimulation.

Of course, this trend hasn’t reached all that many men yet because there is still the old cliché of homeparties being women-only affairs, and clichés like that die hard. As for the second part of your question, homeparties just for men are not that different from homeparties for women. The guests choose which types of products they want to see, and our consultant will go and help them find the one that is right for them.

“Homeparties are no longer something that is only for women.“

Which brands do you present at these events?
We offer a wide selection of brands and we update our range on a regular basis in order to include all the current trends and top-sellers and keep things fresh and exciting for our customers. Of course, we have to prioritise when choosing products, and there are certain brands that have become an inherent part of our range.

At the moment, you can find brands such as Shunga, We Vibe, Svakom, Mystim, Glasvibration, Fleshlight, Tenga, Obsessiv, Chilirose, and Jor in our product range.

What’s next for your company?
Over the course of the next few months, we are going to focus on certain marketing strategies. In 2017, we will expand into other countries, for instance Spain, France, and other nations that share a border with Germany. To cater to these markets, we obviously need a bigger team and more consultants, so that will be another big step. We are already looking forward to working with new people and enabling more customers to take a journey of the senses. Apart from that, we have been thinking about launching our own fashion collection, and we are currently trying to get that project off the ground.