“Hedonism II is the world’s most iconic adult playground.”

Sun, beaches, just enjoying the day, not having to worry about anything. That is the basic concept of Hedonism II in Jamaica. However, there’s a twist: In this resort, the guests are free to live out their hedonistic fantasies. In our EAN interview, Managing Director Kevin Levee takes us behind the curtains, and we learn about the experience that awaits visitors at Hedonism II.

Hedonism II is a “clothing optional” resort in Jamaica. Could you give us a short description of the resort?
Kevin Levee: Hedonism II is the world’s most iconic adult playground. Located in Negril, Jamaica, it is a place where individuals can turn their fantasies into reality, and it attracts people from all corners of the world to escape their inhibitions. It is a place which encourages you to live your fantasies to the fullest, in a safe sex-positive environment.

When was Hedonism II opened, and how did the resort develop?
Hedonism first opened in 1976 as Negril Beach Village which held the tagline ‘Jamaica’s Hedonism’. It was in 1981 that it came under new management that it evolved into Hedonism II.

I guess that it’s not the usual tourists who visit your resort. Which words would best describe your guests?
There is not one type of tourist who comes to Hedonism II as we get individuals from all walks of life with many young professionals including business owners, doctors, and lawyers. Hedonism II is however a resort which welcomes individuals from all demographics and sexual orientations and is a place which is free from judgment and guests are respectful whilst being free to be as wild or mild as they like. 80% of our guests are couples and 20% are single men and women. The words I would use to best describe them are open-minded, liberated and curious.

What exactly do you offer to your visitors? How should I imagine a typical day with you in Jamaica?
Ultimately, guests can expect all the usual things that you would see in an all-inclusive resort, with gourmet meals crafted by our award-winning chefs and unlimited premium alcohol.

Visitors can explore and enjoy all their hedonistic desires or choose to lie in a hammock under a palm tree. You don’t have to be nude to have a good time and at least 50% of our guests aren’t swingers and come to Hedonism II simply to relax with their significant others. During the day, we have countless amenities like volleyball, scuba diving, snorkelling, and tennis. We have a nude and clothing-optional beach and our renowned playroom is a designated place where visitors can experience their deepest desires in a decadent, exotic setting.

How many guests come to you every year, and how much does a weekend or a whole week cost?
We received over 27,000 worldwide visitors in 2018, with 70% of those being repeat guests. Pricing is always dependent on the time of year and the room category, but a 7-night say including direct flights from the UK can cost from £1,119 per person.

How can one book a holiday with you? Is there a partner programme from which the erotic trade could also benefit?
You can book a holiday by going to www.hedonism.com or Kenwood Travel on www.kenwoodtravel.com. We don’t have an actual partner programme, but we do work closely with the erotic trade and offer benefits tailored to their needs and what they want to do with the resort.