“Most people don’t know about a lot of products that are interesting for guys.”

As the market for adult products grows and expands, so does the community of bloggers who write about them. And just like the products themselves, most of these bloggers cater to women or couples. But there are also those who have zeroed in on a male audience and male-oriented sex toys. One of them is M’sier Jeremy. On his website of the same name, he posts French-language articles and reviews about toys for big boys, and in our EAN interview, he tells us which criteria are important to him and what he thinks of the current product range in the adult market.

Jeremy, you are the operator of the website msieur-jeremy.fr and the Youtube channel M’sieur Jérémy, where you blog about sex toys from a male perspective. Since when have you been blogging and what made you start your own website?
Jeremy: First of all, I was in a male blog team who talked about a lot of things for single guys! It was a sort of a fraternity (the blog name is www.club-des-branleurs.fr), with a lot of guys who made reviews of porn film, sex toys, single men “COOK recipes” for meeting girls, and also video games! Also, we met a lot of followers, and had parties and activities outside … it was crazy! Don’t drink alcohol with a lot of funny singles guys!
It was fun, and I chose to create this new blog two years ago, and also to create a character on Youtube, called “M’sieur Jeremy”, who could speak about sex toys and male sexuality without porn, without communitarianism, to all guys – straight, gay, couples, singles…
It was really important for me to speak about male pleasure neither from a gay, nor from a straight perspective. Just as a male. And the most important thing for me is to find solutions if someone tells me about a problem (handicap, penis size, erectile disfunction, improve stroking …).

Most blogs that discuss and test sex toys are made by women and therefore focus on toys for women. Why is the scene for male-oriented sex toys is still relatively small?
Because sex toys for women are very well-designed, the technology is smart and so it’s fun and easy to make a review. Also, there is another problem: When I tell somebody I ‘m a blogger and Youtuber talking about sex toys for men, everybody asks me “Do you really try dildos?” No! I try masturbators and stimulators. I think many men don’t know about the existence of a lot of products that are very interesting for guys.

Which aspect is particularly important to you when you test and review erotic products?
Size! It’s very complicated to find a masturbator with a good, larger size. I’m also looking at the price and the materials that are being used. One month ago, I was doing a review of a masturbator that was priced at more than 100€ and I can’t get inside because it’s too small! There are a lot of products that are very expensive but have no quality. Also, it’s important to me that the product evokes a reaction when I touch it. When it’s a vagina replica for example, Fleshlight signature are the best for that.

Apart from your articles, you also release videos in which you present new products. Could you describe the process of making those clips?
Yes! At first, “M’sieur Jeremy” was a Youtube channel, but two months ago, Youtube closed my channel without explanation and without the possibility of communicating to somebody in charge. It’s very difficult to speak about sex and sex toys on Youtube. So I lost more than 120 videos and all of my followers! The big problem was that my whole blog was full of Youtube videos, so it was suddenly empty as well. I decided to make another Youtube channel and also a PornHub Channel where I can upload all my previous videos as well as new ones.

My process is very simple: I receive the products for review or I search on the internet for a product that could help my subscribers – I receive a lot of questions from men who need a special product or are looking for particular sex toys.

In fact, I’m regularly looking to help guys who are handicapped, so it’s difficult for them to find the right product and get all the information they need to know, for example the size or if it’s hands-free. When I receive the product, I’ll try it and I write what I like or don’t like.

And after that, it’s time to make a video, which I try to do in a fun way, clearly removed from anything porn, with a good vibe and a smile on my face. In this video, I explain why I chose this product, why it is good, or, if it is not, I try to recommend another product from the shop that sent me the product.

I really want to make a video with a big smile and funny moments, because I have a lot of young guys (teenagers) who follow me, and they discover their body and most of them are a little afraid sometimes, because they don’t know how to explore their sexuality, whether it’s about masturbating or sex with boys or girls – or how to talk with somebody about sex (dick size problem, erectile dysfunction, etc.). For me, it’s important, to reach out to a large audience and I think humour is important. I really want to explain to everybody, that it is not dirty to talk about sex toys and sexuality. And I hope doing this will help people accept sexuality more easily.

On his blog, Msieur Jeremy presents toys for men

Vibrators, dildos, air-pressure toys … most products on the market are designed for women. Why do you think there are less products for men on the market?
I think a lot of toys are for women because all the communication for the products is literally focused on them. These products are no longer only for sale in sex shops, but they are in supermarkets, in lingerie shops or even in design shops. The real problem for men is that except from brands like TENGA or KIROO, there are few products for masturbation that are “non-vulgar” or that are innovative. The products are often very basic and that’s a shame!

While sex toys for women are becoming more and more mainstream, toys for men are still frowned upon by society. Do you agree with this statement?
Totally! Men’s toys are often very ugly, fake vaginas or products that are generally not very elegant. When a woman buys a sex toy, we say she is a liberated woman. When it is a guy who says he uses sex toys, he is a pervert or a guy who must have a disastrous sex life. That is completely wrong! This is why I created my Youtube channel with my face on it to explain that I’m a normal guy with a penis (and I like it) and that I like sexuality, porn, and also sex toys. I’m not a pervert, I’m just a cool guy who needs and wants to have a good sex life.

Which trends do you see in terms of new products? What should we be on the lookout for in the next months?
For men, I receive more and more questions about prostate massagers. Anal sex for heterosexual men is becoming more accepted, little by little. Sex toys that are interconnected are really hard to start. I think it’s a shame that they are not presented everywhere, especially devices that seem cool like the Kiiroo Launch, which would also be perfect for people with disabilities.
And finally, the famous sex dolls and robots, but that scares me a bit. I have received a lot of vibrating products for the penis like MAN WAND or PULSE. I think they are really cool to use, I love that.

Your blog is aiming at a French audience. How would you describe the attitude towards sex toys and eroticism in France today?
There are only few people on Youtube who talk about sexuality and objects of pleasure in France, and we sometimes receive messages that are very violent. I do not know why people stigmatise sexuality so much! It’s crazy in the era of the iPhone. Also, I receive very positive messages from guys who tell me that I was able to present them with solutions to some of their complex problems through my videos. So, I’m optimistic that open-mindedness is gaining ground. Concerning the sex toys industry: I am still a little disappointed that many companies do not manufacture directly in Europe, but I’m very happy when I see brands becoming more popular and events like “SEXTECH” arriving in France.

What are your plans for msieur-jeremy.fr in the upcoming months and years?
Currently, I don’t have a job, so I am looking for one, my last employer dismissed me because he did not appreciate the fact that I pursue an activity in connection with erotic brands.

I hope to continue to help to evolve the sexy and sexo scene with a “feel good” image, continue to collaborate with brands, and get to boost my image and the character of Msieur Jeremy.

I have been contacted more than once to put my twist and my name on products, but I would like to only be associated with products I like.
Besides that I would like to create something, a range of toys and accessories, but I would like it to be manufactured in France and Europe, and it is very hard to find somebody to start such a project. In the meantime, I keep having fun and doing what I love, and meeting brands, magazines, and people.