“We feel it’s important to do our part for as long as we are able.”

For months, wildfires have been wreaking havoc on Australia, taking the lives of numerous people and countless animals. Many homes have been swallowed up by the flames, not to mention the devastating toll the fires have taken on the Australian forests and nature in general. Australian sex toy manufacture Geeky Sex Toys decided to contribute to the effort to help and heal their home country, and they are going about it in their own, unique way: They have created the Down Under Donation Dildo, and all sales profits will be donated to aid organisations to help people affected by the fires. In our interview, Josh Porter, the head of Geeky Sex Toys, tells us more about this laudable project.

Josh, your latest product has a sad backstory: You created the “Down Under Donation Dildo” to help the bushfire relive efforts. How did you come up with this idea?
Josh Porter: Well, we had already donated a small amount personally but after seeing the situation continue to worsen, we brainstormed ways to raise a larger amount. We figure we’re pretty damn good at producing sex toys and we have an incredible community of customers. We also thought it was a unique way and could gather quite a bit of media attention, so even if people didn’t purchase a dildo they would still go and donate directly. 

Would you mind telling us how you are experiencing the situation in Australia yourself? Are you directly affected by the fires?
Currently we are fine and not directly affected by the fires that are being shown in the news. We live in a small town called Yeppoon in central Queensland (Near Rockhampton). Back in November we actually had fires come extremely close. Homes in the area were lost and much of the town had to be evacuated.  

How exactly will the money from the dildo sales be used?
All the information about where the money is going can be seen at our website geekysextoys.com/bushfire-appeal. But we have basically decided on splitting the money up to various charities and funds to ensure the money is going where it needs to.

Why did you choose this design for the Donation Dildo? Does it have a certain symbolism?
With the Australian base and the green and gold colours it just screams Australia. And obviously the koalas are an iconic Australian animal. Our aim was to make it as “Aussie” as possible.

How many Donation Dildos are available and how much money are you hoping to raise this way?
As many as people can buy! The climate/bushfire crisis is an ongoing issue and the donation dildo will always be available, and the profits will always be donated to charity. We feel it’s important to do our part for as long as we are able. We’ve so far raised over $25,000!