Richard Britton on Buff

Not all product types are destined to have a spectacular design that immediately catches the eye. Sex toys? Certainly. But supplements and intimate cosmetics? Not so much. Therefore, success hinges not only on the design of a product, but often also on packaging and image. The new brand Buff is a perfect example of this, after all, it’s the arousal products’ military retro look that allows them to clearly stick out from the competition. And as Richard Britton – the Marketing and Operations Director of Angels SM Group, the company behind Buff – explains in our interview, if a product attracts the attention of the consumer, that’s already half the battle. He also gives an overview of the products in this fledgling brand, and he tells us about his plans for the future of Buff.

Before we go into more detail, could you give us an overview over your company? When did you join the market and which kind of products do you offer?

Richard Britton: As a team, we have been bringing products to market for a number of years, either our own brands or private label. Collectively, we have over 30 years’ experience in the health & beauty sector, particularly specializing in nutritional supplements and intimate cosmetics for the adult market. BUFF is one of our brands, but only a small example of our activities. We have worked and are working with a number of distributors and well-known brands for product development, production and marketing initiatives.

Your brand and your products come with a rather cute military theme. Why did you decide that this theme would fit your products?

Richard Britton: Well, everyone wants to look ‘buff’, in shape and ready for action. The image is a play on this – our model looks beautiful, a bit retro and absolutely gorgeous. We wanted a brand that was different from traditional arousal products and also featured a distinctive look that represented empowerment for females and something for the guys to be attracted to.

Sometimes the sheer amount of arousal and similar products can be overwhelming for the end customer. Which aspects of a product and its marketing are the most important if you want to stand out from the crowd?

Richard Britton: The distinctive imagery and look of the products make them stand out, inviting the consumer to take a closer look. Once the consumer has picked up the product in the retail environment or clicked on the product on a webpage then the hard part of selling has been done – we are able to supply products in merchandisers, clip strips and have shelf edge material to help make displays with impact. We also have a digital pack that contains pictures and marketing copy.


Right now you are offering four different products, mostly for men. Is there one product you would describe as your flagship product?

Richard Britton: The BUFF Sex Bomb blue pill for men was the starting point for the range together with the BUFF Sex Bomb pink pill for women. We always had range extensions in mind and have added TNT Black, a pheromone spray and a delay spray. The BUFF Delay Spray has been a real hit and we showcased a delay cream, a female tightening gel and female stimulating gel at the recent ETO show in Birmingham, UK. The reaction was so positive that these products will be available very soon.

TNT Black and Sex Bomb are both arousal pills. What are the differences between them?

Richard Britton: The BUFF Sex Bomb blue pill for men is probably one of the most successful herbal arousal products – we have made this pill for various clients, probably 12 million over the past 10 years. The pill is taken by men who want some nutritional support for the reproductive system but are not keen on using strong medicines. The BUFF TNT Black has more impact and packed full of l-Arginine, Ginger and other herbal extracts for maximum effect.

Do you work with distributors? Where can your products be bought?

Richard Britton: The recent ETO show was our opportunity to formally launch the range of BUFF products – we had a great reaction to them and are in discussions with distributors and retailers. We welcome all enquiries to discuss opportunities with the BUFF brand and share the potential for revenue and profit.

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There are strict regulations for products like pills in some European countries. Do you sell all your products to the whole of Europe?

Richard Britton: The formulations are safe, effective and compliant across EU territories – this is taken into account at the formulation process all the way through to the packaging and marketing claims on the finished product.

What can we expect from BUFF in the future? Are you already working on new products?

Richard Britton: As I mentioned above, BUFF is just one of the brands we have and we also work with our clients on private label products. The BUFF brand has some new additions that will be arriving soon – BUFF Delay Cream for him and 2 products for her, BUFF Feel Tight and BUFF Ignite Gel. We are also launching a brand new lube brand, Looby Lube, which is a really distinctive and contemporary twist on a range of lubes featuring water-based, silicone, flavoured, 2in1 and anal lubes.