Bedroom Products debuts anal relaxation glide EASE

Bedroom Products has released EASE, a beginner-friendly anal relaxation glide. EASE works by amplifying stimulation and promoting comfort during penetration. It is the first anal-specific product in the manufacturer’s collection.

The mess-free serum contains 5% lidocaine, creating a light layer of film that alleviates some of the potential discomfort associated with backdoor play. Applied prior to intercourse, EASE is fast-acting, safe for use with non-latex condoms, and can be used in conjunction with the company’s water-based and silicone lubricants.

Containing two discreet 10ml bottles, EASE is a non-intimidating option for anal play newcomers and anal experts. The compact sizes can be easily stashed in a suitcase, gym bag, pocket or purse for impromptu and on-demand sexual encounters.

Tracy Leone, Bedroom Products Director of Sales states, “our pleasure-positive approach with Bedroom Products hones in on accessibility and affordability for all consumers, and EASE fits in seamlessly with these strategy initiatives. Sleek packaging, non-intimidating product sizes, and the cohesive Gentlemen’s Collection display incorporate equal parts sexy and sophisticated.”

Leone went on to say, “Bedroom Products’ branding reflects our goals at the consumer level by encouraging exploration of potentially ‘taboo’ sexual health matters with a little less hesitancy. This blueprint has translated successfully thus far, and we thank our distribution and retail partners for putting their faith in Bedroom Products.”

Introducing an anal-specific formula rounds out the company’s current selection of intimate glides and stimulation serums, including CLIMAX clitoral enhancer, LAST delay spray, SILKY silicone-based lube, and SMOOTH water-based lube.

Brick displays containing 10 units of EASE are available as a countertop display, or as an interchangeable slide-out component to the Gentlemen’s Collection point-of-purchase display.