Brand new: The Cowgirl Cone

COTR has unveiled The Cowgirl Cone, a groundbreaking addition  to the world of intimate pleasure products. Designed for those who crave convenience and a euphoric rodeo of sensations, 

The Cowgirl Cone offers unmatched versatility and an array of  spine-tingling features to satisfy all bodies and desires. The Cowgirl Cone is a choose-your-own pleasure adventure that is ergonomically designed for external and internal stimulation. Whether you prefer to sit on it, lay on it, grind on it, or lean on it, the innovative and portable sex machine provides body-quaking sensations that can be enjoyed from any angle, and on nearly  any surface, you desire.  The ultra-wide suctioning base of The Cowgirl Cone allows it to  be securely fixed to any surface, with a tab that can be pulled to effortlessly release the suction. This compact sex machine’s ingenious design puts you in complete control of your pleasure  as you navigate its endless positional possibilities. To make your ride even more exciting, The Cowgirl Cone comes  with a remote control to seamlessly explore its 20 vibration modes and 10 intensity levels.

The Cowgirl Cone’s versatility ensures users will never have the same ride twice. This portable sex machine’s thoughtful design  and customizable features cater to your every desire, ensuring  you always find the perfect rhythm and intensity to suit your  mood. Its portable size and waterproof design allow it to be  used in various settings, making it easy to clean and store. The Cowgirl Cone is not just a pleasure product; it’s a thrilling journey into the world of intimate satisfaction. Saddle up and  experience the wildest ride in the West with The Cowgirl Cone.