Dreamlove is releasing a new male enhancement product: VIGORECT

The new dietary supplement VIGOERECT from the Black Bull by SPARTAN brand, produced and distributed by Dreamlove, is presented as a solution for men who suffer from erection problems or lack of sexual desire. It is composed of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and plants, has a total of 20 active ingredients that work together to enhance sexual performance.

One of the main mechanisms of action of VIGOERECT is based on the release of nitric oxide, which plays a fundamental role in improving blood circulation. This includes the irrigation of the penile cavernous bodies, thus promoting a better erectile response. Among the plants used in the formulation of VIGOERECT is Ginkgo Biloba, recognized for its ability to improve microvascular blood circulation. In previous studies, it has been observed that this plant may also be beneficial in the treatment of sexual dysfunction induced by antidepressants. Another highlighted component is Panax Ginseng, also known as Korean Ginseng. This ingredient has been suggested in various studies as an option to improve erectile function in men. Additionally, it has been observed to help maintain vitality and overall energy, which can be beneficial for sexual performance. Finally, Tribulus Terrestris has been included in the VIGOERECT formula, a plant associated with improving well-being and sexual response. Although studies in this field are still limited, its consumption has been observed to have positive effects on increasing libido and sexual performance.

VIGOERECT is marketed as a high-quality dietary supplement, made with carefully selected ingredients combined to achieve the best results. This product has undergone rigorous quality controls and complies with all regulations established in Spain for dietary supplements. It is important to note that VIGOERECT is not a medication and is not intended to replace medical consultation in cases of sexual dysfunction. In case of any health issues, it is always recommended to consult a professional and follow their instructions.