Exsens announces Angel’s Dream pheromone perfume

Exsens has created Angel’s Dream, a perfume with notes of vanilla over a patchouli base. Formulated with Arctic roots, it was designed to stimulate the endorphin centers. „The more you endorphins you secrete the more centered and calm you will feel, with less tension and less anxiety,“ Exsens describes the effect of the formula. „Numerous studies have been made in order to better understand the principal function of pheromones and how they influence sexual attraction. At once, strong and yet imperceptible, pheromones are the equivalent of a personal biological ID card. Their importance in human relations, and most certainly in sexual relations, inspired Exsens to formulate a perfect blend of scent and active ingredients for their new line of perfumes.“

Just a few drops of this perfume on the pulse-points may raise the confidence and self-esteem of the user. Angel’s Drea will be launched at the upcoming eroFame trade show in October.