Harness Attraction – New from Dreamlove

The Dreamlove team has developed a collection of dildo harnesses with more than 30 different models in the highest quality materials, including hollow dildos for men, double penetration dildos, G-spot dildos, realistic dildos and much more. Hollow dildos are typically used for people with erectile dysfunction or trouble maintaining erections. Harness atraction hollow dildos allow the insertion of the erect, semi-erect or flaccid penis and can be used as an extension of the body itself. In addition, hollow dildos are a perfect complement for those men who want to see their penis bigger and longer. The Harness Atraction collection includes many harnesses for women who want to experience vaginal or anal penetration with another woman or man, having soft and resistant dildos are perfectly suitable for beginner or advanced sex. The entire collection has harnesses that adjust to all bodies with maximum comfort and adapt to waists up to 130 cm.