International Lovecherry is introducing Intoyou App Series

The new Intoyou App Series represents a cutting-edge and contemporary line that seamlessly merges design and technology in an exceptional manner, giving consumers a unique experience as they discover a range of technologically advanced toys. The most exciting aspect is the ability to control their numerous functions through ActiveJoy, Lovexherry’s free application. This innovative app allows to enjoy these toys at short, medium, and long distances, providing users with flexibility and excitement. The features are:

Maximum Confidentiality: Securely explore your desires without notifications or storing personal data. Your experience is yours alone.

Total Control in Local Mode: Handle erotic toys like a remote control. Adjust intensity, speed and vibration patterns effortlessly.

Global Remote Connection: Break geographical barriers! Authorize your partner worldwide to control toys through the app.

Diverse Interaction Modes: From automatic modes to touch control, sync with music, or a partner of your choice – personalized experiences await!

GDPR Compliant: Your privacy is sacred. Our app strictly follows European data protection regulations, ensuring utmost respect for your information.

Total Compatibility: Enjoy control and connection seamlessly on both Apple and Android devices.

Quick Download: Find ActiveJoy on the App Store or Google Play, and one-click download brings pleasure to your fingertips.

Constant Updates: Experience improvement with regular updates – new features, modes, and compatibility with the latest iOS/Android versions.

European Servers: Your security matters. Our app is hosted on European servers, ensuring a controlled and secure environment.

As mentioned earlier, with ActiveJoy, users can enjoy moments with their partner both up close and from a distance, play to the rhythm of music, and explore numerous vibration modes and speeds using the Touch Control function, among other possibilities. This function stands out as the best, allowing to enjoy all features easily and intuitively.

The egg itself is designed with a rounded tip and an ideal body for safe and easy insertion and extraction, this egg is made with a double-layer hyper-silky silicone, extending its durability for long-lasting enjoyment. Moreover, the colors are not typical market shades; the Intoyou App Series presents bright and attractive pastel tones in two gradient shades. For safety, Lovecherry added a flexible silicone cord with a ring at the end for comfortable and easy removal.

Distributed exclusively by International Lovecherry. For more information, please visit