Internationl Lovecherry is releasing a new line of masturbators: Like True by Intoyou

International Lovecherry is introducing Like True by Intoyou, a revolutionary line of male masturbators crafted in the likeness of the female anatomy, designed to elevate pleasure to unprecedented heights. This collection features six distinct models, each offering a tailored and unique experience. The intricacies of the tunnel textures are meticulously designed to mimic the sensations of penetration. The lifelike design of the vagina or anus, coupled with exceptional quality, transforms these masturbators into extraordinary pleasure toys. Both the interior and exterior details emulate the folds of the skin, featuring an ergonomic shape for excellent grip and comfort during use. Crafted from high-quality, flexible, and stretchable TPE material, the texture and aesthetics closely resemble skin, providing a touch that is remarkably pleasant – realism at its finest. This new line of masturbators comes with dual orifices—an inviting vaginal entrance and a tantalizing anal opening. The vaginal canal is textured with bumps and ridges, heightening pleasure with every movement. Meanwhile, the anal entry boasts a distinct, tighter, and textured canal to authentically simulate anal intercourse. A mouth, vagina and anus version is also available Distributed worldwide exclusively by