Kheper, Inc. launches new scents to ‘Fuck By…’ line

Kheper, Inc. is formally launching a line of scented stick and oil sets, called ‘Scents to Fuck By…’

Kheper, Inc. has three beautifully and affordably crafted styles in this exciting new line for the adult market. ‘Hey Stud!’ is in a blue bottle and includes a manly musk scent. In a black bottle is ‘Naughty Nympho’, and it is Lavender & Eucalyptus scented. The third option is ‘Booty Call’, that is in a smoky yellow-brown color and is vanilla-bourbon scented.

The line of scented stick and oils follows the popular mainstream trend for this new style of room fresheners. Where Kheper, Inc. differs with their line is that theirs are meant to be elegantly displayed on a nightstand or elsewhere in the boudoir.

The way this concept works; is you unwrap the set of six reeds from their packaging, open the bottle top, and insert reeds into the perfumed oil. After a few minutes of them soaking in the oil, you flip the reeds over and spread them out. This creates a lasting fragrance that can freshen up the room it is in for months. Whenever you wish to increase the scent, all you do is flip the reeds over, so the sides that have been soaking, now freshly fill the room with their aroma.

This has been a very fun line to create.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “We have always followed trends and are thrilled to offer sexier adult versions of this one. We targeted one male, one female, and the ‘Booty Call’ one is gender neutral. I fell in love with the concept after watching cheesy sitcoms reruns and seeing how often couples seem to be catching their bedrooms on fire by knocking over candles when they get hot and heavy. It makes sense to have an alternative that doesn’t need to be blown out after an exhausting night of passionate love making.”