Magnum Opus Thruster Pro from TOYJOY Designer Edition now available at SCALA

Designed to fulfil the deepest desires, the Magnum Opus Thruster Pro boasts an array of features that will leave users breathless. Its life-like veins and intense stimulation provide an authentic and exhilarating experience, taking pleasure to new heights.

With an impressive 70 strokes per minute, this thrusting vibrator sets a new standard in the world of adult pleasure products. Whether consumers are seeking gentle caresses or more vigorous sensations, the Magnum Opus Thruster Pro has the power and speed to cater to every whim. To enhance convenience and ease of use, the Magnum Opus Thruster Pro comes equipped with a remote control. This allows to effortlessly adjust the settings, ensuring a customized and tailored experience that suits all preferences.

The suction base adds an extra touch of hands-free enjoyment, allowing to fully immerse in the pleasure without distractions. Say goodbye to cumbersome cords and enjoy the freedom to explore and indulge.

The pleasure doesn’t stop there! The Magnum Opus Thruster Pro offers a range of exciting features to explore. With up to 8 cm of extension, as well as three up and down speeds and seven vibrating modes with three vibrating speeds, this vibrator is designed to keep users captivated and satisfied.

Furthermore, the USB rechargeable feature ensures that users can enjoy endless pleasure without worrying about the hassle of changing batteries.