More troopers joining the Startroopers force at Tonga

The Dreamtoys Startroopers collection that was launched with 6 Startroopers crew members last year has been extended with 6 more this month. With the newly added toys this collection offers anal stimulation for everyone, no matter what cosmic shape they prefer. The journey to intergalactic bliss continues!

Milky Way
Tailored for both beginners and advanced enthusiasts of anal play, this exquisite Startroopers kit is a gateway to celestial satisfaction. Featuring 4 enticing vibration rhythms and 3 speeds in the two largest plugs, the Milky Way provides a customizable experience at the touch of a single button. The smallest plug doesn’t vibrate and is perfect for first introductions. The smooth and soft silicone ensures a luxurious and comfortable adventure. The finest materials are used that are phthalate-free and kind to the body, to conquer the stars in safety. With an easy single-button operation, the Milky Way plugs let users effortlessly cycle through the waves of pleasure. Rechargeable and equipped with a magnetic USB cable, this kit ensures uninterrupted exploration with a generous 90-minute working time after each full charge.

Users can immerse themselves in the celestial sensations offered by the Hubble beaded anal vibrator from Startroopers – where bold design meets powerful vibrations. Hubble features a large and flexible design, adorned with daring beads that increase in size and that promise an unparalleled experience. With 5 rhythmic patterns and 5 speeds, this anal vibrator caters to every anal desire. Navigation through the galaxy of sensations is easy using the intuitive + and – buttons for a personalized journey.

Triton, a celestial creation, boasts grooved perfection with rotating beads, taking anal pleasure to new dimensions. Triton offers 7 rotation rhythms and 3 speeds, all at the user’s command through easy single-button operation on the plug or the included remote control. With the intuitive remote, featuring 2 buttons for seamless control, Triton is sure to be easy to navigate.This anal plug is a gateway to galactic bliss, with 2 motors offering 60 minutes of uninterrupted pleasure after each full charge. Recharging can be done effortlessly with the waterproof charging hole and the included USB-pin cable. The remote, a trusty sidekick, includes a CR2032 battery to keep users exploring the cosmos, elevating intimate moments, transcending boundaries, and making every experience extraordinary.

Pluto is an innovative anal plug designed for pleasure enthusiasts who like to unleash desires and experience a new frontier of satisfaction. The tapered tip ensures easy insertion, while the wide anchor-shaped base provides a sense of safety. The plug stays securely in place, users explore with confidence. A symphony of sensations is within reach for the real explorers with 7 rhythmic vibration rhythms and 3 powerful speeds. Pluto offers a personalized journey of pleasure with effortless navigation. The wireless remote control features 2 buttons for seamless control and there’s a single button on the plug for easy cycling through the vibrations. Pluto can be the hero of anyone’s pleasure with the battery powered remote control as a trusty sidekick.

Titan, a stellar masterpiece, showcases a rounded and flawlessly grooved head and rotating beads in the stem, propelling anal pleasure into uncharted realms. Titan presents an array of 7 rotation rhythms and 3 speeds, all effortlessly commanded through the simple single-button operation on the plug or the wireless remote control. Navigating the cosmos of pleasure is a breeze with the intuitive remote, featuring 2 buttons for seamless control. Titan boasts 2 motors, delivering 60 minutes of uninterrupted pleasure after each full charge. Titan’s co-pilot, the remote, comes equipped with a CR2032 battery, ensuring explorations into the cosmos continue.

Featuring a bold bead on top the Astronaut delivers ultra-strong vibrations with 5 rhythmic patterns and 5 speeds. Each sensation is at the users’ command with easy + and – buttons for effortless operation.With a full charge, the Astronaut offers an impressive 60 minutes of uninterrupted pleasure. Any journey to the stars is bound to be thrilling and enduring with this Startroopers Astronaut.

Startroopers are available at Tonga BV.