New at Orgie: Wow! Strawberry Ice

The icy sensory sensation is known to be extremely pleasant in kissing and oral sex. The temperature play mixing the warmth and cold builds the anticipation and excitement resulting in intensified pleasure. Wow! Bucal Spray original formula with menthol and eucalyptus is like adding a flavored ice cube on kissing and oral sex. Once its functions were proved and approved by customers and consumers the calls for a new version of it started to pour in. “We share the conception of Wow! Strawberry Ice with all those who suggested the development of a Wow! with another flavor. It’s not so easy to combine other flavors with menthol and eucalyptus aiming to actually sense the flavor added, but strawberry fitted really well in the formula. Better than developing a new product is to do it upon suggestion of the market and consumers”, Raquel Shaw (Orgie Company) says.