New G-spot Vibrators from Sweet Smile now at ORION Wholesale

Two new G-spot vibrators from Sweet Smile are now available from ORION Wholesale. The pink vibrator with a tapered shaft provides spot-on G-spot stimulation, thanks to its very large, curved tip and 10 different vibration modes. The buttons flash in time with the vibrations.

The purple vibrator has a tapered shaft and its tip is in the shape of glans. It provides pleasure with its 7 different modes and 3 speeds, which can be controlled easily with 2 buttons (On/Off and vibration). The buttons also light up in time with the vibrations.

Both G-spot vibrators are made out of high-quality silicone and have soft touch surfaces for intense moments of pleasure. The “Sweet Smile” sex toys are delivered in a cardboard box. There is a description of the product in various languages on the packaging as well.