Push it! – New thrusting vibrators from You2Toys

Two new vibrators with a sensational thrusting function have now been added to ORION Wholesale’s extensive You2Toys assortment.

The rechargeable purple vibrator “Push it!” (item number 05924800000) with a thrusting function and a handle is different to other vibrators. Not only does it vibrate but it also thrusts, just like the name suggests, but in an extremely satisfying way. In contrast to many other vibrators that only move up and down slightly, this vibrator has a thrusting height of approx. 6 cm!

The vibrator itself stands out from the rest because of its simple, classic shape – there is a slightly flattened tip that looks similar to glans at the end of the straight shaft. There are also stimulating grooves underneath the tip for that extra special thrill during insertion. The vibrator pleasures the user with seven different vibration modes that can be controlled with the buttons on the handle. The shaft isn’t just separated optically from the handle by the silver-coloured strip around the vibrator, but also by the ‘creased’ part where the thrust function can be found. When the button on the handle for the thrust function has been pressed, the shaft thrusts passionately up and down – again and again. The thrust function has three speeds and can be controlled with the vibrations or controlled separately.

The black anal vibrator “Push it!” (item number 05924980000) works in the same way – however it is slightly narrower so that it can be inserted into the back passage more easily.

The two “Push it!” vibrators can be recharged with the included USB cable. They are delivered in high-quality packaging with a description of the product in various languages.