Tonga is presenting the ‘Back to Basics Essential Toys’

As a follow-up of the MAI ‘Back to Basics Lubes and Oils’, Mai launched its new collection: the ‘Back To Basics Essential Toys’. The name says it all – returning to simple and essential is the motto. The new collection is now available at Tonga. 

BTB Essential Concept

The new ‘BTB Essential Toys’ collection communicates a clear message which is already in its name: the most popular sex toys in the world were restyled in a modern way by developing a brand new product – simple, essential, stylish, using only top quality materials without giving up good pricing! These products are made for every pocket, and come in an eye-catching packaging that customers will simply love. This line will become a top seller soon, thanks to its simple, essential and striking concept. The product range was developed to provide immediate return on investment with items that sell easily, because BTB Essential Toys are basically irresistible, fresh and unique in its quality-price ratio. Tonga offers two separate labels from the ‘Back to Basics Essential Toys’ collection: ‘BTB Super Real’ and ‘BTB Fetish Passion’.

BTB Super Real 

This is a collection of realistic vibrating dildos. Each of the vibrators in this range was inspired by a strong and charming man and is personalised with the name of the man on the packaging. The purchase choice can be guided by several details: the purchaser can be attracted by the name, or by the explicit appeal , or by his picture related to the product, so they can’t wait to make him their own. All items are soft-touch vibrators, made with top quality, phthalates-free materials and cadmium-free colouring. In line with the ‘Back to Basics’ concept, the functioning of these items is easy and simple: they work with batteries and without particular preparations. This way they will be ready for their first use … without testing user’s patience when they’re in the mood to use them. 

BTB Fetish Passion

With ‘BTB Fetish Passion’ fun is guaranteed for all people entering the bondage universe for the first time: no matter which role they will choose – master or slave, dom or sub – they will find the best items in this range to suit their needs. The ‘Fetish Passion’ bondage products are easy to use and wear, made with safe materials and easy to clean. The packaging design is aiming at a broad public, just like the products themselves. All ‘BTB Fetish Passion’ products are available in black and red.