pjur elements of love becomes pjur love

The pjur group has presented a new pjur love logo. The new logo replaces the previous pjur elements of love logo and will also simplify the name of the product series. “The modified design lets customers navigate their way through our range even faster, enabling them to find their favourite products in our pjur product ranges love and med,” explains Michael Bart, Head of Global Marketing & Online Marketing.

Whether alone or with a partner, young or old, experimental or conservative, the pjur love series has a product for every target group when it comes to love. Reducing the previous three words to the key visual “love” directly reflects the core topic at the heart of this series. Furthermore, the thicker, larger font is easier for the brain to take in and has been proven to make a brand more credible and trusted by consumers. The new font is modern and makes the logo recognizable. It is also easy to read at all times. “The soft contours also symbolize the premium quality of the brand and the respectful role that pjur plays in the intimate lives of our customers,” adds Alexander Giebel, CEO & Founder of the pjur group. “Our dealers will also benefit from these advantages.”