Sensuous are releasing a new packaging for Smooth Silicone, Smooth Natural & Smooth Glide

Smooth Silicone with the new shelf-friendly black packaging: The classic Smooth Silicone now comes with a more sleek and user-friendly easy release tube. Experience the same great product with added ease of use and a touch of sophistication. The enhanced design ensures a smoother application, less product wastage and hassle-free usage. This Australian made premium product rivals any of its European counterparts but is a fraction of the cost.

Smooth Natural in the mew blue shelf-Friendly purple packaging: Smooth Natural has been uniquely formulated with natural ingredients including soothing aloe vera to stimulate and replenish the body’s own natural lubrication. Smooth is colourless and feels just like the real thing. Smooth is an excellent alternative to chemical based lubricants.  Enjoy the natural goodness of our product with the added benefit of a tube designed for effortless application, less product wastage and hassle-free usage.

Introducing Smooth Glide Water based with the new purple shelf-griendly purple packaging: Sensuous are excited to unveil their latest addition – Smooth Glide Water based. This brand-new product combines the smoothness you love with a water-based formula. 

As part of Sensuous’ commitment to providing customers with convenience and innovation, they’re thrilled to announce that their new easy release tube packaging is now available in shelf-ready boxes. This means that not only will customers enjoy the benefits of their enhanced tubes, but they’ll also find them neatly organized and ready for display in retail settings.


Why Shelf-Ready Boxes?

Effortless Merchandising: Sensuous’ new shelf-ready boxes are designed for easy setup on store shelves, ensuring a visually appealing and organized display.

Time-Saving: Retailers can streamline their stocking process with these pre-packaged boxes, saving time and effort.

Enhanced Visibility: The boxes are crafted to catch the eye, making it simpler for customers to locate and choose their preferred product.

To celebrate the launch of the new packaging, Sensuous are offering an exclusive deal to all adult stores. Purchase all three products – Smooth Silicone, Smooth Natural, and the new Smooth Glide and enjoy a fantastic 20% off the entire order. Embrace the trio and discover the ultimate in smooth and easy application. This offer is available until 31st December 2023, so don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your experience with the improved packaging and unbeatable savings.

This promotion only applies to shelf friendly packaging (contains 6 lubricants) and not individual items.