a2z europe enters the market

A distribution company that commits completely to a single brand – that is unheard of in the erotic industry. Until now. a2z europe have decided to pursue this strategy after entering into a distribution agreement with the long-established American company Topco Sales. From the head offices in Uden, the Netherlands, a2z europe supplies the European trade with all the Topco products – that’s roughly 800 SKUs! EAN wanted to know more and Helen Clyne, Sales Manager at a2z europe, sated our curiosity.


Please tell us more about the agreement between Topco and a2z from September 1.!
Helen Clyne: a2z europe b.v. has entered into an agreement with Topco Sales whereby a2z solely sells Topco products. We are a full-line European distributor for Topco.

What were your reasons to enter into this agreement?
We believe that this agreement is the first of its kind between a manufacturer and distributor. Topco has been in business since 1972 and has a great range of products with approximately 800 SKUs. We have identified 300 of these as being best sellers-or evergreens as I like to call them.

So, given this exclusive distribution agreement, a2z europe is now the place to go for trade members looking to order Topco products?
Definitely! We have not cherry picked. We have committed to the full line.

Your company carries the entire Topco range?

How many products are we talking about?
800 SKUs

And what types of products?
From a to z in pleasure products (hence our company name!) – from anal to z ….


Of course, Topco has a long history in this market, but still: Why should every retailer have Topco products on their shelves?
Longevity. Due to the quality of Topco products – particularly its Cyberskin – we have a wide range of products which have been selling well continuously over a long period of time. It is a joy for all parties involved to be able to list a product and that the product speaks for itself and continuously sells.

Will a2z europe focus all its energy on the Topco brand?
Absolutely! We have just returned from two very successful shows with Topco – the eroFame and Venus.

There no plans to add more brands in the future?

What do Topco and a2z europe expect from this collaboration?
To be able to improve all facets of the European distribution of Topco products – from customer service to sales.

Which ideas and plans do you have for taking Topco to the top of the European sales charts?
Simply by physically having the complete line in Europe. In addition to marketing, I don’t think any of the visitors to either the eroFame and/or Venus shows will ever forget having the opportunity to test the Twerking Butt!

Why didn’t you simply handle the distribution of Topco via a2z services? Why did you start a new company?
We needed to show Topco USA and its customers in Europe that we were dedicated solely to the Topco brand.

Would you mind giving us some information about a2z europe? Where does the company have its headquarters?
In Uden, the Netherlands.

How many people are in your team?
We have started off with a team of 5.

a2z carries the entire Topco line, and given the size of their product portfolio, that’s quite the logistical challenge for a2z europe. How do you handle of that aspect?
A bigger warehouse definitely helps!

Do you only work with retailers, or could distributors and wholesalers, who are interested in Topco, turn to you as well?
Of course. Topco still works with other distributors in Europe. However, before waiting for best sellers to come back into stock in the USA, they might consider as an alternative contacting a2z Europe, as to whether we have stock. We invoice in Euros, so not currency fluctuations and short delivery times. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

How do you support your customers when it comes to presenting the products? Will there be sales-promoting materials, product training, etc. for trade members?
Yes. For example the Penthouse Cyberskin Stroker Display and the Twerking Butt Deluxe Floor Display.

This interview was first published in EAN 11/2015. EAN is free for retailers and other members of the erotic industry. To get your printed copy, click here!