“We want to hit all customers, providing quality products always at a good price.”

Pipedream will need big suitcases when they travel from the States to Hanover for eroFame, there to present new additions to ICICLES, new King Cock products in new sizes and colours, a new sex machine named Bigger Band, a shop-n-shelf system to support retailers, and a number of surprises that will not be unveiled until the actual show. EAN spoke with Rob Phaneuf, VP of Product Development at Pipedream, to learn more about the new products.


Pipedream announced in a press release that more toys will be added to the ICICLES line in September. What new products can we look forward to?
Rob Phaneuf: We are adding 16 new SKUs to the already extensive line. Most of the new SKUs are anal plugs, but we have also included a few curved G-spot dildos.

What can you tell us about these new ICICLES products? What makes them special?
One of our top sellers is a decorative flower anal plug, we expanded on the anal items creating glass plugs that are decorative and have feminine appeal. It is nice to take something like an anal plug, which could be considered a bit risqué and make it soft, approachable and full of femininity. I think people like that balance. The G-Spot curved glass dildos we have added are the result of a lot of R&D in which we saw that people were specifically searching for this shape.

The ICICLES collection has been one of Pipedream’s most successful product lines for quite a while. What is your explanation for this lasting success, and how hard is it to bring something new to this collection?
Glass continues to grow in popularity as a category. We addressed this category like we have done with many others (Fetish, anal, etc). We look at the category as a whole, do our research as to what is missing on the market and create a complete line that addresses every customer need within this category. We want to hit all customers, providing quality products always at a good price. With this line we aren’t looking at massive innovation when we add to it, we are doing research to understand what is missing and what consumers are looking for. Icicles is really a sculptural line that has visual appeal. People are looking at shapes and we want to create shapes that mix form and function.

In total, there will be 16 new products in the ICICLES line at eroFame

A product line that is even more successful than ICICLES is King Cock – a veritable global top-seller. How has this product line evolved over the course of the past months? Will we get to see new shapes and sizes at eroFame?
You are correct, King Cock, has and continues to be a top seller and force in the industry. We introduced our King Cock Vibrating Stiffies earlier this year, per the request of our customers. Now we are introducing new sizes and an entirely new colour, Tan. We also introduced six new sizes. We were impressed with how successful the 5” Vibrating Stiffy was selling. It has been a huge hit. So we are now introducing a 5” and 6” King Cock dildo. We are adding a 9” chubby, unlike anything out there, and are playing with girth for the 13”, 14” and 15” dildos to offer sizes unlike anything out there. All of these are made in USA and feature our amazing craftsmanship and hand painting that is unparalleled.

How many products are there in the King Cock collection at the moment, and what are your plans for the future of this product line?
The new Tan colour will be available in 18 different styles. We are going to continue to expand on King Cock, adding new exciting items to the existing classics in the line. We design and manufacture all of these products from our California headquarters so we have complete control and are not limited in what we can create. We also offer an amazing plannogramer, that can create visually appealing custom POP displays that fit into any space.

Realistic-looking toys are as old as the sex toy market itself, but King Cock seems to have triggered a true resurgence of anatomically shaped toys. What are the reasons for this revival?
I can’t really explain why people like this category. While modern, discreet toys like Jimmyjane have created their own category, there will always be an appetite for realistic dildos. Sometimes people are looking for something realistic, as a role in their sex life, they want it to look and feel like the real thing. I think a lot of dildos on the market, especially the old ones were really a bastardisation of anatomically shaped toys. King Cock has such amazing detail and realistic look that it doesn’t look like a rubber version of a cock. It looks like a real cock. I think that is the appeal.

King Cock
The new King Cock Tan colour will be available in 18 different styles

You have also announced lower-priced products in your C-Ringz line. Are these the kind of products that retailers can use to generate additional sales and impulse purchases?
Our C-Ringz line is very popular and offers a diverse array of options for cock rings, again as a category it really covers all the bases. The one thing our customers were asking us for is lower priced options. The new rings are a very easy upsell, they are a great item to use as “gum at checkout” or add-ons.

There are rumours that Pipedream will bring something new to Hanover, called Bigger Bang. Is there truth to these rumours?
Yes! We like to introduce a new innovative sex machine every year, people love seeing it and we are able to create something totally new for the market. This year we will unveil the Bigger Bang machine, ironic because it is one of the smallest sex machines ever created. It can do thrusting and rotate in multiple directions and speeds, and the amount of combinations is crazy. It can also lay on its side to be mounted, or straight up and down. Like all Pipedream products it comes with a number of great add-ons included.

What other surprises will you have in store for the visitors of eroFame?
We have a new Pipedream Extreme Toyz Fuck Me Silly Man! It is a male love doll, featuring an erect cock, which can be your own personal boy toy. We also have a ton of new Bachelorette and gag items. These reflect the creativity and wit Pipedream is really known for, and will add something fun to your next hen party.

It is astounding how many new products you launch. How do you make sure they all meet your standards and how do make sure they reflect your customers’ wishes, needs, and demands?
Well we are lucky to have an amazing team with a lot of experience. Our Pipedream Dream Team works hard, and we work together. We rely on the sales team to provide a feedback loop, and our product development and creative services team works hard to execute at the highest level. We have really evolved in terms of our product development, the quality and quality of design seems to go up year over year, and that is something we are very proud of.

Among other things, Pipedream presented a new merchandising system for brick and mortar stores at ANME in July. Will you also introduce this system in Europe?
Yes, the Shop-N-Shelf is an all-inclusive merchandising solution that will turn any wall into an instant profit centre. Pipedream’s exclusive Shelf-n-Shop System will revolutionise the way you merchandise your retail store by taking the guesswork out of creating eye-catching POP displays. This inexpensive in-store system includes all the shelves, hardware, graphics, 3D signage, products, and testers you need to turn your ordinary wall into a high-profit destination. All products and materials are shipped conveniently in a single box for easy setup, making installation a breeze in less than five minutes. These will also be available in Europe.

What exactly is the Shelf-N-Shop system? What advantages does it hold for the trade?
For the trade it makes it easy for them to create an eye-catching display with little work. There is an added value because the testers and display system is included, and we believe that the visual presentation will convert more sales. We provide everything and it doesn’t ruin or do any permanent damage to slat walls. It is great for any shop owner that wants to create something special in a small space.