Is there a New Year’s penis resolution?

The Christmas season, Valentine’s Day, Halloween …there are certain occasions when turnover increases in the erotic market for a limited period of time. But while many people will find lingerie under the Christmas tree this year, it is hard to imagine someone finding a penis extender in the stocking. However, as Klaus Pedersen, Managing Partner of DanaMedic & Danalife, explains it happens more often than you’d think.


Are MaleEdge and Jes-Extender products exempt from seasonal fluctuations?
Klaus Pedersen: Correct, an extender is perhaps not what the man wants from his girlfriend or wife – but it is the gift he actually wants for himself nevertheless. We see a clear seasonal demand for the MaleEdge and Jes-Extender brands in December through March, every year!

So there is more demand for your products throughout the end of the year and the first three months of the next year?
Indeed! Yes, Christmas and Q1 is normally our biggest season in terms of consumer demand, both in shop sales and online sales

What is your explanation for this ‘phenomenon’?
New year’s resolutions are about doing something good for yourself– men wanting to feel better about themselves and their body through exercise, etc. Every other man worries about his penis size and thinks about actively doing something about it throughout the year, and ‘in the season’ many actually get around to doing something!

As far as new year’s resolutions go, people vow to quit smoking, to get more exercise, etc. But there probably aren’t many people who solemnly vow to get a bigger penis, or are there?
Well, obviously, it a very serious issue for many men – as said, 50% of all men do constantly consider that they can to ‘be bigger’, which means they feel they are too small. Also, we believe the general season for shopping and personal fulfilment plays an important role. So yes I guess that a vow to get bigger is made by many men.

Klaus Pedersen
Klaus Pedersen

How is this aforementioned ‘phenomenon’ reflected in your sales figures? How big a bump is there during that time of year?
Sales are approximately 30% higher compared to the rest of the year. This has been a constant for many years.

How do you respond to this ‘phenomenon’? How do you harness these seasonal heydays for your purposes?
We communicate it to resellers, produce and deliver tailored artwork for them to use, and try to motivate them to do their own campaigns, etc.

Do you also get your distribution and wholesale partners on board to help exploit this ‘phenomenon’ – after all, they also stand to benefit from this increased demand?
We do! Tailored campaigns are done on print and online channels with wholesalers to get the message out there! And we also customise materials depending on which region and markets we are addressing with the individual partners.

Do the retailers know about this boom period? Or are they more focussed on the obvious dates such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas?
They know to some degree, but need to know more – and to be reminded, of course. As we discussed, it is as such not something one might expect naturally, and we need to keep reminding the market about this.

Ultimately, the trade has to respond to this ‘phenomenon’ to make the most of it. Do you have some advice for the retailers reading this? What should they do? Simply stocking up on your products probably won’t be enough, right?
Of course, they need to be stocked first of all! And then realise that they need to be proactive and communicate the brands and growth solutions we offer in-store and online. They also need to train their sales staff accordingly. Being that the value of a single product sale is quite high, doing this will definitely be worth their while. As for all seasons and campaigns – a retailer needs to advertise! We offer our marketing portal resources to all retailers (and wholesalers) allowing them to customise these materials to their local Christmas and new year conventions, which vary strongly from market to market.

Could the trade maybe tie in penis enlargement with this “new year’s resolution” mindset? Live a healthier life, get more exercise, enlarge your penis – would it be possible to reach more people feeding from that same kind of motivation?
Yes, indeed, and as said, the market (the men) are looking for these solutions. The issue of penis growth is very much one of ‘using your personal training device’ alongside other activities you might choose to do for yourself.